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The Porridge of Knowledge

Written by Archie Kimpton

Key Stage 2 Adventure Stories Family / Home Stories Fantasy / Magical Humorous

LoveReading View on The Porridge of Knowledge

May 2015 Book of the Month  There’s a lovely traditional feel to this book. It’s set in Slopp-on-Sea, and stars a little girl called Milk (she was abandoned on a milk cart as a baby, hence the name), who lives with her granddad. Granddad is a bit confused and prone to wandering off, though he never comes to harm, and one day he returns from the beach with a strange old book in his pocket. In the book is a recipe for the mysterious Porridge of Knowledge, which of course Milk makes. The Porridge does indeed transform anyone and anything who eats it, from ants to the children in Milk’s class. The main plot concerns the nasty family who have moved into Slopp, and care nothing about dumping toxic waste into the bay, and the Porridge helps Milk and her neighbours see them off. Funny, and slightly silly too, this is a proper adventure story, and the relationship between Milk and her Granddad is beautifully observed. ~ Andrea Reece


The Porridge of Knowledge Synopsis

Magic gloop, evil baddies and a ridiculous amount of food abound in this super-silly story Milk lives in the grubby seaside town of Slopp-on-Sea - a rubbish name for a rubbish town. But Milk's life is pretty rubbish too, so it fits. She loves her Granddad, but nowadays he's always wandering off somewhere, or asking her befuddled questions. Then one day, he comes back from one of his jaunts with a battered book in his hand containing a recipe for The Porridge of Knowledge. Intrigued, Milk enlists the help of her friend Carp to try the recipe. At first it looks like all they've managed to create is a lump of malodorous goo - but then they notice the ants (who have been nibbling the porridge) building a mashed potato replica of the leaning tower of Pisa...So they decide to try it out on themselves. And the results are incredible! Suddenly Milk and Carp are thecleverest people in town - and Granddad is back to his normal self. Milk and Carp are about to discover that sometimes a little bit of knowledge goes a long way...

The Porridge of Knowledge Reader Reviews

Kids love to read and so in addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Kids Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review Archie Kimpton's first book, Jumblecat.  You can read their reviews below or click here to download the full reviews.

  • Elspeth Paterson, age 9 and 11 months - 'I absolutely loved this amusing novel and the creativity the author has put into the story.  It shows that a cat can be a boy’s best friend even if it is jumbled up!'
  • Ethan Douglas, age 9 - 'I liked this book because it is original - I haven't heard anything like it before.'
  • Ariella Glatherine, age 6 - 'A really good chapter book with lots of chapters - brilliant cliffhangers to keeping me reading.'
  • Isabel, age 7 - 'I really enjoyed this book, it was a little bit tricky but my Mummy and Daddy helped me with some of the words.'
  • Emily Golding, age 7 - 'A funny exciting story that everyone should read.  A 10/10 book.  This book made me very happy.'
  • Ellen Cox, age 7 - 'I couldn't wait to keep reading this book! I can't wait until everyone can read it - I think they will enjoy it.'
  • Evie Aconley, age 7 - 'Fantastic fun, read all about Jumble Cat, a brilliant cat all jumbled up and his friend billy and what adventures they get up to together.'
  • Erica Motoc, age 7 - 'My mum called me for breakfast but I couldn’t put the book down. That’s how interesting it is to read!'
  • Jenny & Libby Bridgeman, age 9 & 6 - 'This book is amazing!! It's for fans of David Walliams but Archie Kimpton has him beat because he made Libby and Jenny both laugh where Walliams couldn't. This author is one to watch!'
  • Brodie Greenslade, age 8 - 'Jumblecat is a very exciting book, full of unusual animals, adventure and fun!
  • Lucy Keaveny, age 8 - 'Jumblecat is not like any other cat. He is a jumbled up cat. When Billy discovers this strange cat that not only does not look right but also talks his life changes in ways he could not imagine.'
  • Katie Lonsdale - Mum to Emily, age 8 & Oliver age 6 - 'Interesting book about a cat who falls down a hill and gets up looking really mixed up with his head where his bottom should be etc.'
  • Daniel, age 7 - 'I think that people should read this book because it's funny and there are lots of weird names in it. I can't wait to read another book by the same writer.'
  • Judith A. Smith, age 8 ½ - 'I love this book so much I would really like this to turn into a series. This book is the very best book I have ever read. I love the adjectives so tempting to use some in my writing.'
  • Alexander Bisland, age nearly 9! - 'I liked this book as it was very exciting and funny!'
  • Melissa Broomfield, age 7 - 'This is awesome because it has great descriptions. The words are quite tricky for a seven year old but it was great to read with my mum. It made me laugh!'

The Porridge of Knowledge Press Reviews

This is a delightfully nutty story, fizzing with energy, colourful characters and a lively use of language. -- Sally Morris Daily Mail

Praise for Jumblecat

Magic gloop and evil baddies abound in a playful comedy adventure from the Jumblecat author. The Bookseller

Book Information

ISBN: 9781471402807
Publication date: 7th May 2015
Author: Archie Kimpton
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 224 pages
Year Groups: Key Stage 2
Topics: Adventure Stories, Family / Home Stories, Fantasy / Magical, Humorous

About Archie Kimpton

Ever since reading 'sodium monofluorophosphate' on the side of a toothpaste tube, Archie Kimpton has enjoyed putting words together and seeing what comes out. He graduated from Manchester University in 1991 and has spent the last twenty years in preparation for this moment of authordom - flogging salami, script writing, book binding and care working in the interim. Jumblecat is his first novel. He lives in south London with his wife, kids and Doonican, the diabetic cat and sometime-inspiration for his animal cruelty based stories (only joking, Dooni).

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