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What Works? Research and Evidence for Successful Teaching

Written by Lee Elliot Major, Professor Steve Higgins

Key Stage 2 Key Stage 3

LoveReading View on What Works? Research and Evidence for Successful Teaching

This book has managed to be both accessible and very relevant without being patronising, which is always a difficult balance. It is packed with tips and anecdotes and what makes it especially good, is the fact that, as a busy teacher, you can simply dip in to a relevant chapter. It is a great guide book, but I also liked the way that it is laid out instructions, suggestions and ideas for teachers, whilst allowing us the freedom to adapt the programme for ourselves.

It is a huge resource with cross references to other publications and practices. I loved the brief synopsis at the start of each chapter with the teaching tips, leadership tips and the unusual addition of the unexpected findings box, which was particularly interesting. A shame the political parties have not read the findings on how smaller classes are only more effective if the class size is below 20 and focused itself on more useful suggestions that they might put into place.

The book is full of common sense suggestions, reminders and solutions such as ‘technology is there to support, not replace’ and the importance of feedback not marking which can simply be a way of demonstrating a teacher’s performance or to satisfy the requirements of others, mainly adults. It was reassuring to see in print, so much of what so many of us think.

The advice in the book is incredibly helpful. It is not trying to reinvent the wheel, but giving teachers reminders about how to apply best practice. It is very easy to stop learning yourself in the efforts to educate others. The book summarises very succinctly what we all aspire to be. It is not what you do, but the way that you do it, that is important.

This book would be brilliant for CPD or an inset training in any school and a valuable asset to any staffroom book shelf.

Rosie Watch

What Works? Research and Evidence for Successful Teaching Synopsis

From the authors of the Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit comes What Works?, a must-read guide that summarises the research and hard evidence of what works and what doesn't in primary and secondary classrooms, and provides practical strategies for transforming pupils' progress.

Lee Elliot Major and Steve Higgins look at common teaching approaches, including raising aspirations, improving behaviour, outdoor learning and parental engagement. They present the research and evidence behind each approach and provide practical steps for best practice in the classroom to boost the learning and life outcomes of all pupils.

Explored in a concise, accessible manner, the research and evidence is distilled into clear, precise guidance that can be used immediately, ideal for any busy teacher. What Works? makes it easy for all primary and secondary teachers to become research-informed practitioners in every aspect of their teaching. From debunking enduring education myths to providing practical next steps and strategies that really make a difference, this is the essential guide to evidence-based teaching and a must-have for every teacher looking to increase their impact in the classroom.

What Works? Research and Evidence for Successful Teaching Reader Reviews

In addition to our LoveReading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title. You can click here to read the full reviews.

Strongly recommended for all those involved in both the strategic and the frontline aspects of teaching and learning in the current educational landscape. Fabulous format for easy dipping in and out. Full review

Michelle Armstrong-Harris (Teacher Reviewer)

Evaluations of 21 different teaching strategies: an up-to-date, wide-ranging and well-researched guide to improving classroom practice. Full review

Rachel Caddick (Teacher Reviewer)

Very easy-to-access book with research-based ideas which I was able to quickly and effectively implement in my classroom. Full review

Alexandra Carr (Teacher Reviewer)

An excellent handbook covering common approaches to teaching and learning to reveal what works best in education and guidance of how to put this into practice. An essential guide for school leaders and class teachers. Full review

Alasdair Carr (Teacher Reviewer)

Thoroughly readable, this book provides teachers with a fantastic guide to some key approaches intended to improve learning. Concise and engaging, it is a perfect digest of research-based evidence and practical tips. Full review

Ann Longfield

A fantastic, easy to read guide that explores commonly used teaching strategies and how effective they are. This is a must-read for any school that wishes to ‘enrich and empower practice’ in the classroom. Full review

Cath Richardson

What a thought-provoking book, one I will keep coming back to for my everyday teaching and my leadership role. Well structured and clear, a must-read for any reflective practitioner. Full review

Laura Corbett-Wilson (Teacher Reviewer)

What Works? Research and Evidence for Successful Teaching Press Reviews

We love to rush to the big picture and ignore the details, the conditionals and the fine print. Major and Higgins present the nuanced stories about what works best in schools. They deal with the implications, the actions and the messages from the many thousands of studies in a convincing, readable and enjoyably digestible manner. - John Hattie, Laureate Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

The authors call for an expertise model of teaching where professional judgement is informed by evidence from research. This book supports teachers to engage with the best known evidence and tailor this knowledge to support their teaching, thereby providing the opportunity to build learning capacity for all. - Professor Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive of The Chartered College of Teaching

This book comes from a reliable source which has shaped English education over the last decade, warts and all! With a book such as this, it is only a matter of time before EVERY teacher and school leader is asking, Show me the evidence. - Ross Morrison McGill, @TeacherToolkit

What Works? is a must-read for class teachers and school leaders: an in-depth analysis of a range of teaching approaches, the research behind them, and how to effectively implement them to improve pupil outcomes. - Jenna Lucas, Primary Teacher and English Specialist Leader of Education, @JennaLucas81

This new work offers discussions of 21 sets of research relating to approaches to teaching and learning. Classroom realities are centre stage throughout, with a clear understanding of the complexity of teachers' and leaders' roles in making improvements. Ways of evaluating research are clearly presented and are useful starting points for workplace discussions. The book is useable by a wide audience: individual teachers, departments or year teams over different phases, CPD organisers, leadership teams, teacher trainers and school governors. - Lisa Pettifer, English Teacher, CPD Leader and Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, @Lisa7Pettifer

This fascinating book provides teachers with both the cutting-edge science on teaching excellence and the debates behind the science. Evidence on best practice is distilled in an accessible way, building out from the now world-famous Teaching and Learning Toolkit designed by Major and Higgins, which sits at the heart of the book. As well as focusing on the research evidence for different practices, the authors provide insight on the respective strengths and limitations of the meta-analytic approach, and the challenges of applying what works in diverse contexts. This is a book for all those professionals wishing to become even better teachers and to understand research evidence rather than simply consume it. - Professor Becky Francis, Director of the UCL Institute of Education (IOE)

Book Information

ISBN: 9781472965639
Publication date: 3rd October 2019
Author: Lee Elliot Major, Professor Steve Higgins
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 176 pages
Year Groups: Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3

About Lee Elliot Major, Professor Steve Higgins

Lee Elliot Major (pictured) is former Chief Executive of the Sutton Trust and a founding trustee of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), chairing its evaluation advisory board. Lee was previously an education journalist and worked for the Guardian and the Times. He is now Professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter. Steve Higgins is Professor of Education at Durham University. Before working in higher education, he was a primary school teacher in the north-east. Steve is also the author of numerous educational books, chapters and research articles. Find Steve on twitter @profstig Steve and Lee are co-authors of ...

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