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Get What They Deserve

Written by Eoin Colfer

Part of the The Fowl Twins Series

Key Stage 2 Adventure Stories Fantasy / Magical

LoveReading View on Get What They Deserve

This third instalment of the Fowl Twins series is a full-blooded feast of fantastical fiction (and funny with it)

Another cracker from the master of cracking fantastical fiction, Get What They Deserve is the third book in Eoin Colfer’s Fowl Twins series, and what an exhilarating zinger it is. Picking up where Deny All Charges left fans desperate for more mayhem, strife and outlandish exploits to put things right, this wildly adventurous, wildly inventive novel sees the Fowl Twins having to tackle none other than Lord Teddy Bleedham-Drye, who’s been planning payback time since they took him for a fool in the first book in the series.

As we’re told in the Prologue, Teddy has determined to “cheerfully go to the ends of the earth to have his revenge,” and it soon becomes clear that this is no empty statement. Very soon, in fact. As Myles delivers a lecture to CORPSE (the Coroners’ and Pathologists Association of Southern England) in the opening pages, an aircraft zips into the lecture theatre and sets its machines guns on him. Myles has the perpetrator’s number, though - he knows Teddy is inside - and so a crazy cat and mouse caper explodes with characteristic wit, twists and a fulsome dose of funky fairy magic.

Joanne Owen

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Get What They Deserve Synopsis

Twins Myles and Beckett, Artemis Fowl's younger brothers, return in their third and most outrageous adventure yet. For almost two years, Lord Teddy Bleedham-Drye has been plotting revenge against the Fowl Twins, who humiliated him in book one. Teddy plans to give them exactly what they deserve: permanent death. He threatens Myles with his weaponized jet and Beckett and Specialist Lazuli succeed in disarming the aircraft and causing an accident that kills Lord Teddy. But does it really?

Clones, fairy magic and criminal masterminds come together in this ultimate and ridiculous showdown between the twins and their worst enemy.

Get What They Deserve Press Reviews

Praise for The Fowl Twins;

“Colfer’s brain is so eclectic; he packs so much on to the page — top-notch gadgets, German philosophy, mnemonics for the planets. Amazingly, there is also room for a thrilling plot and a cliffhanger… He’s done it again: this series will run and run” – Alex O’Connell, The Times

“Heady with high-stakes high jinks and high-octane action, this fiendishly funny firebrand of a book will keep kids reading long after the lights were supposed to be out.” – LoveReading4Kids

“The next generation of criminal masterminds is unleashed in this high-octane reboot of the Artemis Fowl universe. Two twin brothers, younger siblings of the notorious Artemis, are on course for a whirlwind adventure involving magical trolls, sinister aristocrats and formidable nuns.” – Waterstones

“The Fowl Twins channels all that was amazing about the Artemis Fowl series. Reading it brought me back to reading the original series when I was in high school… And I am now looking forward to reading more and more about the Fowl twins! They sure do take after their older brother.” – Mamasgeeky

“Colfer is a hugely entertaining writer who unravels his plot at breakneck speed while never stinting on the detail.” – The Daily Telegraph

“A rollicking good read.” – Daily Express

“a well-developed fantasy world with a plot that is full of clever, satisfying twists and turns” – Book Trust

“Colfer’s playfulness is in full swing, as puns fly and physics bends to the machinations of the twins, who are just as bad (or should that be good?) as Artemis.” – Kitty Empire, The Guardian

“Fans of Colfer’s books so far will be delighted: the author is clearly having the time of his life with this new series, and his trademark humour and complex plot sequencing is on full show. This is a madcap thrill-ride that will leave any reader wanting more of the twins’ antics!” – Children's Books Ireland

“Lots of high-tech gadgetry, thrilling danger and unexpected turns as Eoin Colfer delivers his distinctive brand of mayhem. Don’t miss it.”?- Daily Mail

Book Information

ISBN: 9780008475246
Publication date: 19th October 2021
Author: Eoin Colfer
Publisher: HarperCollins an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 432 pages
Year Groups: Key Stage 2
Topics: Adventure Stories, Fantasy / Magical

About Eoin Colfer

Both Eoin Colfer’s parents were teachers and young Eoin was taught by his dad Billy at Wexford’s Christian Brothers primary. Eoin remembers his dad’s presence in school as “witty…[he] made school fun.” Colfer junior’s first attempt at serious writing came in the sixth grade. “I wrote a play for the class about Norse Gods. Everyone died in the end except me.” Eoin followed in his parents’ footsteps and trained to be a teacher but his writing didn't stop ...

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