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The House in the Woods

Written by Yvette Fielding

Part of the The Ghost Hunter Chronicles Series

Key Stage 3 Horror & Ghost Stories Thrillers

More About This Book

A letter from the author, Yvette Fielding;

I think I was about nine years old when I became fascinated by the spooky world of the paranormal. It was all down to a television show, “Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World” a popular series in the seventies that opened my eyes to the possibility of different worldly realms. That show frightened me to death at times but my mum and I couldn’t help ourselves; we held our breath and each other for twenty-five fascinating minutes. After the show finished, we would talk and talk about ghosts, death and haunted places. I was gripped. Thank you, Arthur!

Much of the phenomena that I write about in The House in the Woods I have experienced first-hand. Crazy as it seems, the knocking noises, poltergeist activity, objects flying through the air and hitting me have all occurred on a regular basis.

I love poltergeist activity and become very excited when I discover objects piled up high or laid out in a pattern. It’s like a ghost is saying, “Look what I can do!” I have witnessed chairs piled high on tables, doors locked, teddy bears and dolls all suddenly lined-up, and old pennies dropping down from seemingly nowhere. But to see a full-bodied apparition is the real prize and I have had the pleasure, or should I say fearful encounter, a few times. The first was in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London where I and two other investigators witnessed a pair of legs walking slowly up the main staircase. It was absolutely breath taking and yet terrifying at the same time. Where was the ghost’s body? And why did the legs seem to move in slow-motion? We didn’t hang around too long to find out as fear had got the better of us. I had only just begun my career as a paranormal investigator at the time; I was green and very nervous. Uncle Rufus in my new story would have been very disappointed in me.

Over time, I discovered that every ghost has a story to tell, some sad, others inspiring and happy but it was the ones who told me their tragic tales that intrigued me the most. Over the years I have conducted many private exorcisms and cleansings, helping home-owners and the ghosts themselves to find peace. This is what inspired me to begin writing The Ghost Hunter Chronicles.

I remembered what I was like as a teenager, nosy and up for an adventure. So the idea of a confident young girl, joined by two friends and her uncle, not forgetting her bulldog Boris (in real life he’s my dog, Watson, and has become part of my investigation team) was irresistible – and I loved writing about them as they began to unravel the secrets of the afterlife, whilst helping some lost souls on the way.

I adore writing these books, and I have fallen in love with all the characters. I didn’t wake up and decide to write a children’s book, I just put pen to paper and wrote for myself. Writing took me back to those times as a child, terrified on the sofa, and I know I would have loved stories like this - it just so happens that some of today’s young adults seem to enjoy my spooky adventures too. Knowing that what Eve, Tom and Clovis experience can really occur and has happened on real ghost investigations makes the books even more scary for readers.

After reading this book you fancy a night in a dark, haunted building you can join Yvette and her team, more info at

The House in the Woods Synopsis

Stranger Things meets Point Horror in the first of a brilliant new series for readers aged 11+ from Yvette Fielding, British television's first lady of the paranormal and presenter of Most Haunted.

When Clovis, Eve and Tom decide to play with a ouija board in an old abandoned house on Halloween, none of them foresees the horrors they're about to unleash. What starts out as a bit of fun, soon transcends into something far more terrifying when a distressed and determined spirit follows them home. Before long the friends are caught up in a series of events beyond their wildest imaginings and their journey as ghost hunters begins . . . 

The House in the Woods Press Reviews

When I grow up I wanna be a ghost hunter! After reading this book I now feel fully qualified! I ain't afraid of no transparent apparitions!  -- Keith Lemon

If you're reading this scary book in bed then it might be wise to leave the landing light on  -- Paul O'Grady

I'm too scared to read this  -- Matt Lucas

It makes it so much scarier when you know the author has lived what she writes about  -- Pixie Lott

Book Information

ISBN: 9781839131141
Publication date: 30th September 2021
Author: Yvette Fielding
Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 224 pages
Year Groups: Key Stage 3
Topics: Horror & Ghost Stories, Thrillers

About Yvette Fielding

Yvette Fielding was the youngest ever Blue Peter presenter at age 18, and she's since gone on to host and produce Ghosthunting With... and Most Haunted. After years of studying ghosts, she's become television's 'first lady' of the paranormal. She lives with her husband and two children in Cheshire.

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