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Rita Wants a Fairy Godmother

Written by Máire Zepf

Illustrated by Mr Ando

Early Years Key Stage 1 Adventure Stories Family / Home Stories Personal Social Health Economic (PSHE)

LoveReading View on Rita Wants a Fairy Godmother

A little girl with big ideas realises the consequences of having a Fairy Godmother…

Part of the stimulating Rita Wants series that sees an imaginative little girl figure out life’s dilemmas for herself, Márie Zepf’s Rita Wants a Fairy Godmother is great to read to together to spark discussion of the scenarios Rita finds herself in - scenarios many a toddler will relate to, with Mr Ando’s illustrations offering exuberant entertainment, and extra talking points.

So many toddlers will identify with Rita at the beginning of the book - she “is still not dressed”. If only Rita had her very own Fairy Godmother, someone whose twirl of a wand could magically transform her into a dressed state! Rita then realises having her own Fairy Godmother would also mean Mum would never have to tell her to hurry, and she’d have “the most beautiful clothes in the world”. But, as Rita’s imaginative brain keeps whirring, she begins to wonder about the downsides - what if the Fairy Godmother made her “too fancy”? What if she gave her the wrong clothes (cue some hilarious illustrations)? What if she thought Rita could never be messy? On balance, Rita decides it would be better to dress herself after all.


The series includes;

Rita wants a Witch

Rita wants a Robot 

Rita wants a Ninja

Rita wants a Fairy Godmother 

Rita wants a Dragon

Rita wants a Genie

Find out more about the series from author Máire Zepf.


Joanne Owen

More About This Book

Máire Zepf says, ‘Clothing is a really big issue in the lives of children and their parents – from the challenges of transitioning towards independent dressing to the intense preferences some children have about what to wear. Added to that are all the societal pressures about gendered clothing and questions of identity. I wanted to explore some of those areas in a playful way that might provoke conversation and thinking.’

Andrew Whitson (Mr Ando) says of the illustrations, ‘The fairy godmother came with the potential to make any dream of Rita’s come true. This was a fantastic concept, where the thought of endless possibilities also potentially proves disastrous. What do you do when you place this kind of power faithfully in the hands of a character that has aspirations and solutions to problems you realise do not match your own?’

Rita Wants a Fairy Godmother is also available in Welsh - Mae Rita Eisiau Tylwythen Deg

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Rita Wants a Fairy Godmother Synopsis

Meet Rita. She’s a little girl with very big ideas. When she doesn’t feel like getting dressed in the morning, she dreams up a Fairy Godmother to help her out. Rita’s Fairy Godmother would only have to twirl her wand -swoosh! - and things would happen. But who knows what things...

Book Information

ISBN: 9781802580440
Publication date: 24th February 2022
Author: Máire Zepf
Illustrator: Mr Ando
Publisher: Graffeg Limited
Format: Paperback
Year Groups: Early Years, Key Stage 1
Topics: Adventure Stories, Family / Home Stories, Personal Social Health Economic

About Máire Zepf

Máire Zepf has written 12 books for children, from picture books to a YA verse novel. Winner of the KPMG Children’s Book of the Year, the Réics Carló Award and a White Raven in 2020, her books appear in 8 languages worldwide. The Co. Down author was the first Children’s Writing Fellow for Northern Ireland, based at the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry at QUB (2017-19). She is Artistic Director for Quotidian - Word on the Street. About her series, Máire said, ‘Rita is ...

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