Written by K. M. Peyton

Part of the Oxford Children's Classics Series

Key Stage 2 Classic Fiction

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Christina is sent to stay with her terrifying uncle and her cousins at Flambards, a rambling house in the country where riding and hunting are the most prized activities. Everything about the countryside - and her relatives - is new to Christina but she soon finds she loves riding. And, in different ways, she begins to love her cousins. The first volume in a hugely romantic trilogy.

Flambards Synopsis

The first in a trilogy, twelve-year-old Christina is sent to live with her fierce uncle and his two sons in their decaying mansion, Flambards. Christina discovers a passion for horses and riding, but finds herself part of a strange household, divided by emotional undercurrents and cruelty.

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Book Information

ISBN: 9780192720030
Publication date: 2nd August 2007
Author: K. M. Peyton
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 240 pages
Year Groups: Key Stage 2
Topics: Classic Fiction

About K. M. Peyton

Born in 1929 K. M. Peyton is a well known and well loved author of over 50 books for children. Author of the Flambards Series and A Pattern of Roses, both of which have been adapted for film, she was winner of the Carnegie Medal in 1969 for The Edge of the Cloud, part of the Flambards Series.

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