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Tricia Adams - Editorial Expert

About Tricia Adams

As a professional librarian with more years’ experience than she cares to mention – Tricia has worked in several sectors including government libraries and as a self-employed information specialist but has reverted to her favourite – of working with children, in various guises, for the last 20+ years.

This has included a spell as a primary school librarian, before moving back to public libraries in her home county of Northamptonshire, where she was Head of Children’s and Young People’s Public Library Services and the manager of the Schools’ Library Service – Learning Resources for Education. 

She was then Director of the School Library Association (an independent charity) between 2008-2018.  She had the honour to be Chair of the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway judging panel and Youth Libraries Group during 2008 and 2017. She now fills her time with volunteering for the Federation of Children’s Books, is Chair of the newly formed Northamptonshire CBG, Co-ordinates the National Share a Story Month initiative and is a newly appointed Trustee of the English Association.  She continues to work with Youth Libraries Group and she also leads training sessions, as well as reviewing for several organisations. 

A lifelong love of reading and collecting children’s books, amongst other topics, has created a collection so rambling that the house has to be extended every few years!

Latest Reviews By Tricia Adams

Dooley is an Irish autistic author and illustrator who writes with authority, empathy and humour about the world as viewed by Frankie. Frankie believes she is an alien; she is the smallest person in her class – and she is accused of talking too much! But really all she is different – neurodivergent, though it is not until nearly the end of the book that Frankie gets an insight into why she views things differently. Frankie’s Dad left when she was a baby and she, with friend Sam, decide to track him down. I found it refreshing that ... View Full Review
This book was inspired by a teacher who used to play famous speeches to her pupils as she taught them to knit. This is not something I can envisage happening in any schools now – but the inspiration has led to this fascinating book – which has 16 famous speeches (or extracts from those speeches) laid out in such a way as to add huge value to the words of the speeches. Each chapter takes a different speech, explaining the story of who made the speech and why they made it. If the speech was incredibly long (and some were!) the ... View Full Review
At first glance this looks like a short, light novel but how wrong anyone would be to think that. Translated from the original Welsh, this is a deep thought-provoking novel – filled with actions and philosophical questions that create a lasting impression. Dylan was only 6 when the world as he knew it stopped. The electricity went off, everyone left - and just him and his Mum were left to survive on a remote Welsh mountainside above the village of Nebo - with no services. Now 14, Dylan has learned new survival skills and is as wise as any adult. On a ... View Full Review
Professor David Olugosa has created this very accessible Illustrated History based on his previously published, bestselling adult versions of Black and British (adult), as well as the Short Essential History (aimed at teens). It is the book he wished he had when he was at Primary school. This version shows us key events in British history that have involved Black Britons – starting with the Romans and working through all the periods of history since. It explores the fact that Black peoples have been integral to the history of this country, as well as the more shameful impacts of the ... View Full Review
Olive is an eleven-year-old who is very shy and finds talking to people overwhelming – but she loves her old oak tree and can talk to the trees. Of course, her family struggle to understand this relationship with her 400-year-old oak tree – even whilst encouraging her to have human friends. When her father, Sir Sydney, decides he needs a new summerhouse to impress his friends(!) it is Olive’s oak tree that is threatened. This means Olive must speak up in defence of her tree – because everyone is so shocked to hear Olive speak her father gives ... View Full Review
It seems very infrequently that we in the UK get to see beautiful, and different, picture books from around the world. Happily, in this case, Elsewhere Editions have published In the Meadow of Fantasies originally from Iran. A young girl is imagining whilst looking out of her window – and sees seven horses in the meadow. These are all different colours and all live in different places – except the seventh – which has no colour and no home. The six horses each share their colours and homes so that the seventh horse has many homes and all the colours ... View Full Review
This is the third book in the many adventures of Sally Jones and the Chief abord their beloved steam ship – the Hudson Queen. This volume is set mainly on land, though, but with sea and canal-going journeys, too. When The Chief and Sally Jones find a unique and very valuable pearl necklace with a beautiful rose charm on it, they set off to restore the necklace to the person it was intended for – one Rose.  Their journey takes them to Glasgow – and to a particularly awful set of gangsters, thieves, and rogues – who hold Sally ... View Full Review
A young girl lives in an old house – she thinks there may be a ghost, but she has never seen one. Perhaps the reader can help her find the ghost, or maybe more than one… This is a beautiful, funny, spooky picture book that will captivate children of all ages. The girl in the sumptuous house – built in 1760 – has been searching for her ghost and wonders if the reader can help – well, yes, we can – but that doesn’t really help her. The delightful gentle humour of the sparse text and the big ... View Full Review
Meg and Ash, two magpies, build a cosy nest in the tallest tree for their four bright blue eggs. But they then start to get worried ‘their nest/ Needed more stuff to make it the best.’   Written in rhyming verse, we stare in amazement at all the things the magpies collect to add to their nest – until there is no hope of seeing the nest, and we can only see the teetering heap of things that have been added on top! Disaster strikes as the tree gives way! Happily, all the animals around help to ... View Full Review
Spey is from a broken home – but happy, settled and doing well at school - living with his Mum and getting on with life. That is, until he gets two surprises one on top of the other. His father, an ex-convict who he has never met before turns up on his sofa for Christmas Day and his Mum gives him a letter that has been stuck in the post for some time…   This is the start of an edgy relationship developing with his long-lost Dad as they search for the sender of the letter – a playgroup ... View Full Review
Lily, our heroine, got sick a while ago, and now she just wants things to go back to how they were. This is complicated by the fact that Lily’s parents are just about to have another baby, so Lily is sent to her grandmothers to live whilst the baby arrives.  Lily will not stay – and runs back home to find her parents have been replaced.   Lily has one night to defeat the replacements and find her parents again – and make everything ‘right’. In this she is helped by some fascinating animal companions &... View Full Review
Set in Britain in 1962, at the height of the Cuban missile crisis this makes for an edgy thriller as everyone wonders if they will survive the week, never mind solve the mystery of the girl found in the coal shed! Stevie and her best friend Ray, the former British, the latter American, realise they are living through uncertain times with their parents on edge in case there is to be a nuclear war – but Stevie and Ray have their own problems to solve.  Stevie has discovered a mysterious girl – Anna – in her coal shed.  She ... View Full Review