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Tricia Adams - Editorial Expert

About Tricia Adams

As a professional librarian with more years’ experience than she cares to mention – Tricia has worked in several sectors including government libraries and as a self-employed information specialist but has reverted to her favourite – of working with children, in various guises, for the last 20+ years.

This has included a spell as a primary school librarian, before moving back to public libraries in her home county of Northamptonshire, where she was Head of Children’s and Young People’s Public Library Services and the manager of the Schools’ Library Service – Learning Resources for Education. 

She was then Director of the School Library Association (an independent charity) between 2008-2018.  She had the honour to be Chair of the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway judging panel and Youth Libraries Group during 2008 and 2017. She now fills her time with volunteering for the Federation of Children’s Books, is Chair of the newly formed Northamptonshire CBG, Co-ordinates the National Share a Story Month initiative and is a newly appointed Trustee of the English Association.  She continues to work with Youth Libraries Group and she also leads training sessions, as well as reviewing for several organisations. 

A lifelong love of reading and collecting children’s books, amongst other topics, has created a collection so rambling that the house has to be extended every few years!

Latest Reviews By Tricia Adams

What a compelling read, full of darkness, strangeness and almost fairy tale elements; and yet set in today’s world and entirely believable. Written with such style and beauty and full of dark, brooding, beautiful illustrations – all black and white pencil drawn – adding depth and beauty to the experience.    A group of friends and their siblings are all pulled into a vortex of wicked magic that can alter the world, as if certain elements of it had never existed – wiping out friends, family, and memories – except for those little flashes of dé... View Full Review
A very spoiled child is given everything he could possibly want in the way of toys and screens – but he still wants more, and more. His exasperated parents ask what else he can possibly want – he wants the moon! Obviously, that is not possible. He grows up to be rich and powerful – but the want of the moon still lingers until he thinks he can get it for himself.    Disregarding everything except his own wants he starts to construct a mighty machine that will help him get the moon.  To do this he destroys ... View Full Review
George and his family are not coping at all well with the death of his mother – and this year will be the third Christmas since she has gone. George’s dad is completely immersed in his work and has given up on celebrating Christmas – in fact he forbids George and his Nana Flo from any form of celebration at all. Nana Flo is a bit subversive and sneaks George to the Christmas Fair at Hyde Park – where he finds Marley’s Curiosity Shop in the little temporary stalls and huts in the park.   ... View Full Review
Our young heroine Nura works hard in the mica mines to earn a little money, for a great deal of effort, to help support her family in this enthralling new fantasy series. Nura has heard tales all her life about the amazing Demon’s Tongue – a piece of mica that would make her so rich her family would never need to work again. She digs and digs, deeper and deeper, until her efforts contribute to a mine collapse in which her friend Faisal is missing. Being as brave as she is foolhardy Nura sets off to try and ... View Full Review
George is part of a family of yetis – all of whom are big, scary and like chasing ramblers and terrifying them!  George is much smaller, not covered in fur and can’t make people gasp at the size of his footprints! So, what is he?   This is a simple story of how George looks inside himself and decides he is the one who will help people.  Even though all of George’s family are yetis they accept George for himself – and appreciate that someone helping ramblers means they can still scare them half ... View Full Review
Peggy is a pigeon who always apologies – whether she has done something wrong or not! She lands in various places and then apologies when another character comes along and moves her along.  She meets a feisty seagull who encourages her to stand up for herself by just being a bit louder – and saying the first thing that comes into her head! This has delightfully funny consequences as Peggy comes out with some very silly phrases – which are always repeated, giving great opportunities for children to join in.   A gentle, humourous look at being a bit ... View Full Review
Lily, our heroine, got sick a while ago, and now she just wants things to go back to how they were. This is complicated by the fact that Lily’s parents are just about to have another baby, so Lily is sent to her grandmothers to live whilst the baby arrives.  Lily will not stay – and runs back home to find her parents have been replaced.   Lily has one night to defeat the replacements and find her parents again – and make everything ‘right’. In this she is helped by some fascinating animal companions &... View Full Review
Emma Carlisle is a famous award-winning landscape artist known for her practice around Devon and Cornwall.  As you would imagine from such a prestigious artist this is a glorious book with large illustrations – often deceptively simple in its approach, with very few words per spread.  Having said that, this is a book that uses the short, written sections to create a very thoughtful look at nature, particularly trees, and how it can help create empathy, deep nature reflection and self-reflection.  Simple questions encourage the reconnection with nature in the widest sense. The artwork is in the ... View Full Review
Julia Green has written a gentle tale based on her son’s adventures. The boy who loves the sea sails away and follows the currents and the stars until he finds a peaceful island. The Islanders welcomed him, and he lives with them in their natural surroundings in harmony with the land. Whilst sailing the boy navigates by the moon and the stars, battles with the sea when it storms, and enjoys the company of all the sea creatures who joined his boat whilst sailing. This book is filled with the joy and wonder of the natural world surrounding ... View Full Review
This is a compendium of poetry full of different styles, different shapes and different rhyme schemes that makes a wonderful read out loud collection that should be in every classroom. Each poem comes with a suggestion of how it might be used or how children might read it to each other, or even act out the different verses of specific poems. The poems make you smile, make you laugh, make you think, and the bright illustrations add colour, humour and pathos to the collection. Both author and illustrator are prize winners in their own right - making this book a ... View Full Review
This is a brilliant debut novel from the winner of the World Illustration Awards Overall New Talent winner for 2020. The unnamed city wakes up to a small amount of water everywhere and everybody ignores it and gets on with their lives, except for one small creature who knows it will become a problem, but nobody listens. As life in the city becomes more and more problematic even the large creatures realise they must help the smaller ones, they all become fed up with having to deal with the issues of working in water all the time. Even the excitement of ... View Full Review
Renowned for her empathetic novels Raúf has created an easy to read, or dip into, non-fiction title for children to help them understand how, as individuals, we all can do small things that will make a positive difference in this world. Presented in a chatty, personal, and engaging way that invites the reader in and encourages thinking about personal actions.  The introduction and ‘Five Golden Rules’ set the scene for a book that allows for a great deal of personal evaluation as well the option to be the person you uniquely are.    The ... View Full Review