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A Different Sort of Normal

A factual book full of useful hints and tips for all in navigating this world and all its different types of people

Book Cover for A Different Sort of Normal by Abigail Balfe

Three Little Vikings

An amusing adventure about children getting heard amongst the adults who know better!

Book Cover for Three Little Vikings by Bethan Woollvin

The Summer We Turned Green

A refreshingly witty and timely take on the lifestyles versus the environment dilemmas of this generation

Book Cover for The Summer We Turned Green by William Sutcliffe

Our Beautiful Game

The amazing story of the origins of women’s football in World War 1

Book Cover for Our Beautiful Game by Lou Kuenzler

Be Resilient: How to Build a Strong Teenage Mind for Tough Times

The book every teenager needs to read in 2021 by an award-winning author

Book Cover for Be Resilient: How to Build a Strong Teenage Mind for Tough Times by Nicola Morgan

Three Bullets

Mixed-race trans Marti rises up against right-wing, white supremacist Christian fundamentalists in dystopian England

Book Cover for Three Bullets by Melvin Burgess

How I Saved the World in a Week

A thrilling apocalyptic adventure which takes being prepared to new levels

Book Cover for How I Saved the World in a Week by Polly Ho-Yen

My Big Mouth

Wonderfully humourous look at the effect lies can have, by an award-winning poet

Book Cover for My Big Mouth by Steven Camden

What Will I Be?

A joyful celebration of children’s imagination and potential

Book Cover for What Will I Be? by Frances Stickley

Bunny vs Monkey and the League of Doom!

Another year with the world’s wackiest comic book characters

Book Cover for Bunny vs Monkey and the League of Doom! by Jamie Smart

I Am Angry

Reassuring and funny depiction of a toddler tantrum

Book Cover for I Am Angry by Michael Rosen

Sunflower Sisters

A book exploring family pressures in relation to colourism

Book Cover for Sunflower Sisters by Monika Singh Gangotra

Latest Children's Book Reviews

Grumpy Hat

A gorgeously illustrated exploration of feelings all little children will recognise but struggle to put into words

Perfectly pitched, gorgeously illustrated and told simply but with sophistication, this is a must-have picture book. Ravi is cross with his little sister Ruby and breaks her toy car, ‘So no-one went to bed feeling happy.’ He wakes up in the morning to find he’s wearing a Grumpy Hat. Red and uncomfortable looking, it is ‘as itchy as a spider’s dance class’. Dad is wonderfully patient and has lots of practical suggestions, but nothing works and soon the Grumpy Hat is turning into a Sad Hat. When hope seems to be vanishing ... Read Full Review

Andrea Reece

Kintana and the Captain's Curse

Curses, cutlasses and buccaneering Madagascar-bound

Readers who love a good pirate story will relish Susan Brownrigg’s Madagascar-set adventure. Kintana leaves her ex-pirate dad in charge of their pet emporium to sign up as cabin-boy on the pirate ship The Nine Sails. She quickly learns that pirates are not to be trusted and is caught up in a deadly race to locate treasure buried by the legendary Blackbeard himself. Much of the adventure takes place on dry land, and as we’re in Madagascar and its real-life Pirate Island we encounter some wonderful wild creatures.  The whole thing moves at a great ... Read Full Review

Andrea Reece

Mr Benn Big Top

Another extraordinary and wonderful adventure with Mr Benn

‘It must be fun to dress up and make people laugh’, muses Mr Benn at the beginning of this adventure, newly reissued by Andersen Press to mark 50 years of David McKee’s iconic, bowler-hatted hero. Inspired, by the thought, Mr Benn steps into that magical costume shop, picks out a red nose and emerges through a different door as a clown, with a his very own clown car to drive. A wonderful adventure follows, in which Mr Benn, with typical consideration and generosity, helps the circus folk when they find a bridge down. He meets an old ... Read Full Review

Andrea Reece

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