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Happy School 365

Written by Action Jackson

Key Stage 2

LoveReading View on Happy School 365

A really, important basic message that happy children will learn and be successful

Action Jackson's guide to motivating learners

This book has a really, important basic message that happy children will learn and be successful. It is packed with useful tips, interesting, stories and anecdotes. However, I feel what lets it down from the start is the cover which to me, paints the wrong picture and conjures up a cartoon style of children’s book. I am sure the colour and font are designed to complement the word ‘happy’, but does this work?

On a positive note, it is a very readable book, clearly laid out with some very helpful classroom tips. I particularly like the use of the acrostic technique of delivering messages, BIDMAS and READY on pages 113 and 117,being two great examples that would work as display material in the classroom.

The messages he delivers is so important, ‘make education relevant’, ‘embrace negativity’ and ‘don’t limit your challenges’ being particularly good examples. It is important to inspire and encourage. However, the British as a nation can be quite reticent and conservative, and to an extent negative about themselves. I think chapters headed ‘you are amazing’ and ‘be in your zone of impact’ might be a little bit much for many staffrooms and deemed a little too ‘American’. I would say most of us would agree the sentiments and vision behind the book, we just need it delivered in a slightly less cliched and less patronising fashion.

Rosie Watch

Happy School 365 Synopsis

From motivational speaker and founder of Fix Up Seminars, Action Jackson, comes an inspirational guide offering a tried-and-tested method that enables primary and secondary teachers to motivate young people and unlock their potential for success. Many learners are plagued with the fear of failure, anxious about self-image and apathetic towards the future.

Are we, as educators, not responsible for helping them navigate through life and empowering them to unlock their potential?

Happy School 365 is packed with 21 easy-to-implement ideas to motivate young people to achieve academic and personal success, helping them to make the most of school and life, build better relationships with teachers and develop a sense of self-worth, focus and discipline.

Dividing his approach into five stages - the manifesto, the mission, the mindset, the method and the miracle - Jackson sets out a vision for what this method can achieve: well-rounded individuals who are agents of change for humanity.

Happy School 365 Press Reviews

I've witnessed Jackson transform the lives of thousands of students and teachers in a wide variety of schools across the world, including outcomes in the broadest sense, from wellbeing to examination performance. He is the happiest person I know in the world and the ideas in this book are well grounded in practice and theory. This book is for those who genuinely want to reshape our collective definition of the purpose of school, and what it means to be educated, successful and happy. -- Ross Morrison McGill 

This delightful book oozes with the same passion, enthusiasm and energy of Action Jackson himself! Crammed with brilliant ideas, anecdotes and the science behind it, this little book organised into five motivating chapters is a treasure trove to help schools bring positivity and joy into the classroom. Motivated learners + a happy school = a successful school every day! -- Rae Snape - Headteacher and National Leader of Education

Book Information

ISBN: 9781472974563
Publication date: 17th September 2020
Author: Action Jackson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 144 pages
Year Groups: Key Stage 2

About Action Jackson

Action Jackson is an inspirational keynote speaker and the founder of Fix Up Seminars, a company that works with primary and secondary schools to motivate students to help them develop the tools and skills for success. Over the past 20 years, Jackson and his team have worked with thousands of students and teachers to enable them to achieve their goals. He also gives regular keynotes, talks and workshops at events and conferences for young people and educators.

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