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The Odd Fish

Written by Naomi Jones

Illustrated by James Jones

Key Stage 1 Stories about Animals Ecological and Environmental Interest - Fiction

LoveReading View on The Odd Fish

A beautifully illustrated fishy tale to inspire young naturalists

Inspired by their own toddler watching Blue Planet and being struck that he was unable to tell fish apart from the plastic floating in the world’s oceans, this is a tale of a very helpful little fish who is equally puzzled by the Odd Fish bobbing along. He and his shoal decide the Odd Fish must be lonely and that they will help him find his family.

The text and images flow along with the current very creatively, as they meet dangers and help to rescue other creatures. An octopus trapped in a net and a turtle struggling to eat a plastic bag are saved. Eventually they meet a school of Odd Fish of all shapes and sizes and colours. “There were too many Odd Fish to count”.

A gentle tale which effectively gets across the message that unsuspecting ocean creatures are put in danger by not being able to recognise that plastic is not edible and also by just how much of it there is. The real fish are very lively, and children will enjoy their little conversations. The beautifully ocean toned images and clever page design are very engaging. The authors note with information about pollution and how you can help at home and at school makes this a very useful introductory text for environment topics.

Joy Court

The Odd Fish Synopsis

A warm and funny eco-adventure with a clever message about looking after our blue planet, perfect for budding David Attenboroughs!

When Little Fish and her family encounter an odd new fish bobbing along on its own, they embark on an exciting journey to reunite it with its family. But Odd Fish isn't the only creature who needs Little Fish's help. Turtle has a tummy ache and Octopus's tentacles are tangled. Clever readers will spot the one thing that links them all . . . plastic. Maybe Odd Fish doesn't belong in the sea after all? Eight million tonnes of plastic find their way into our oceans and rivers every year. That's equal to dumping one rubbish truck every minute into the sea!

This urgent problem is highlighted for the youngest readers with gentle humour and engaging characters, and offers practical ways we we can all make a real difference to protect our oceans and the creatures that live in them, and opens up key discussions about the environment and the topical issues highlighted in David Attenborough's Blue Planet.

The Odd Fish Press Reviews

Praise for The Perfect Fit;

A triangle is trying to find her place in the world in this charming take on making friends and inclusion, which doubles up as a creative introduction to shapes and patterns. First from a debut husband-and-wife team. - Bookseller

Book Information

ISBN: 9780755504428
Publication date: 9th June 2022
Author: Naomi Jones
Illustrator: James Jones
Publisher: Farshore an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 32 pages
Year Groups: Key Stage 1
Topics: Animals, Ecological and Environmental

About Naomi Jones

Naomi Jones spent eight years selling children's books rights before embarking on a career as a freelance writer. She currently also works as a freelance industry editor, and reviews children's books for the award-winning family travel website Mini Travellers. 

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