KS1 (5 - 7 yrs) - Reluctant Readers

The list below was created from a survey run on Lovereading4schools where we asked Teachers and Parents to recommend books that they have found helpful in encouraging reluctant readers.

As with all Lovereading4schools book lists please treat this as a template and adapt it if you wish. The more 'text based' books in this list have been included to be read too, or with the child.

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Captain Underpants Three Pant-tastic Novels in One

Captain Underpants Three Pant-tastic Novels in One

Author: Dav Pilkey Format: Paperback / softback Release Date: 15/07/2005

Zoom into action and join our hero for a triple wedge of chunky action, freaky horror and crispy laffs! There are terrible toilets to defeat, evil aliens to send packing, and heaps of other totally horrible villains too. But will Captain Underpants have the wedgie-power to tackle them all?

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Lists For Reluctant Readers
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